Sony Secures Insidious 2 Domain Names


Is a sequel coming?

Fusible is reporting that Sony has taken claim of the following domain names:, and

When this occurred is unknown, but usually when such a thing happens, it means the studio is making plans for the future. So, is a sequel to James Wan’s Insidious in the works?

Presently, Wan is out prepping a new film that isn’t sequel-related and producer Jason Blum told us this in May regarding a follow-up: “There’s no plan, no release date, nothing like that. I think James feels the same as Oren [Peli]. Oren was very skeptical about doing a sequel to Paranormal Activity until Michael [Perry] pitched an idea and it made sense. If Leigh comes up with a story that’s inventive and you feel like there’s a story to tell – as opposed to ‘let’s make another movie and make money’ – and he comes up with something James feels is worth making we would do it. And if Leigh doesn’t, we won’t.”

Did Leigh and James crack a plot or is Sony just anticipating something that is a bit down the road. We’ll poke around and look into it.

Source: Fusible