Killing on Carnival Row Finds A Director


Someone’s slaughtering fairies…

Killing on Carnival Row has a director at the helm: Tarsem Singh.

Singh recently directed Immortals, but he also helmed The Cell and The Fall (the latter of which is very good).

Carnival was scripted by Travis Beacham, writer of Clash of the Titans and Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming Pacific Rim.

The story is set against the backdrop of a futuristic city (which looks like 18th century London) where both humans and creatures exist. Within this haven, a serial killer is loose in a quarter known as Carnival Row where fairies, furthermore, fairy brothels, exist. And this killer is slaughtering fairies, sawing their wings from their bodies and leaving two puncture wounds in their necks.

The script has been around for roughly six years. Del Toro was once attached to the project along with Hugh Jackman. We shall see if Singh’s involvement can make highly-praised script a reality.

Source: Deadline