A Very Green & Lynch Christmas Comes Together for a Good Cause


Chillerama directors are at it again

Adam Green and Joe Lynch wanted us to share the following news for those who live in the Austin, Texas area. The fellas are invading the Alamo Drafthouse, and you know how much we love that joint around these parts. The proceeds for the upcoming event they’re putting together is for something special, so read on for the details, and keep those fingers crossed that they’ll put together a “Green, Lynch & Undead Bing Crosby Christmas Album” some day…

Just in time for the holidays, writer/directors Adam Green (HATCHET 1 & 2, FROZEN, SPIRAL) and Joe Lynch (WRONG TURN 2, the upcoming KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM) are coming to the Alamo Ritz in Austin, Texas on Monday, November 28th to carve up and serve you an unhealthy amount of movie cuts with all the artery-clogging trimmings. A VERY GREEN & LYNCH CHRISTMAS will feature various fun short films from the horror anthology, CHILLERAMA, trailers that have never seen the light of day, promos from their upcoming TV show HOLLISTON, a new teaser and exclusive clip from the upcoming KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM, and will close with a 90-minute slasher that will have you laughing in ways that may rival TROLL 2. Throughout the night, the two filmmakers will be having a very candid and open discussion with the audience about their work, tribulations, and the state of the genre so bring your questions. To make things even more awesome, the boys will be giving away a whole bunch of posters, DVDs, Blu-rays, and soundtracks. Nobody leaves empty-handed (or sober)!

Most importantly is that ALL proceeds from the evening will go to help fund Austin’s local American Legion Hall’s quest to build an elevator for disabled veterans- so if you have a few extra dollars to bring and give to help the cause, we urge you to do so. Tickets will go on sale very soon through the Alamo Drafthouse’s official website so check often and frequently. This event will likely sell out before the actual night, so if you live in the area, if you like to laugh, and if you want to show your appreciation to those who have served, sacrificed, and fallen in the name of freedom… please drop whatever else you’re doing and take this night to join us. As always, bring anything you want to be signed, bring your cameras, and bring your questions. Most of all, check your inhibitions at the door and come ready to get rowdy and laugh. This night is all about laughs and getting a one of a kind chance to truly hang out with a theater full of fans and like-minded cinefiles. Even if you’re one of the many bloggers or critics in the Austin area community, we encourage you to leave the work and opinions at home for the night and just come and enjoy yourself. This is going to be one for the books and Green, Lynch, and the entire Drafthouse family is looking forward to it more than you can imagine. We all truly hope to not only see you there, but to HEAR you party with us and show your appreciation for our beloved veterans who are the real heroes of the night.

Source: Ariescope Pictures