Danny Glover Expects the Worst in Donovan’s Echo Trailer


Also starring Bruce Greenwood

Came across this trailer and thought it was interesting in The Mothman Prophecies-but-without-a-Mothman sort of way.

It’s for a film called Donovan’s Echo. Not a horror film, per se, but definitely a twisty-turny thriller with Danny Glover and, one of my personal favorites, Bruce Greenwood.

This is writer-director Jim Cliffe’s feature debut and it recently played at the American Film Market. We’ll keep you posted if it gets distribution.

Once a brilliant mathematician, Donovan Matheson (Danny Glover) has been an outcast since an accident that killed his wife and daughter three decades ago for which he blames himself. He finally returns home as the tragic event’s 30th anniversary approaches and begins discovering similarities to what had happened to him in the past. Convinced history is repeating itself, Donovan risks everything to save an unsuspecting family from the same tragic fate.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor