Lords of Salem Art Presents Frankenstein vs. The Witchfinder

Something you’ll spot in Rob Zombie’s latest film

Something Rob Zombie clearly had fun doing, when he made Halloween II, was creating minor details or periphery characters. The drunken horror host for instance. Or the strip club owner turned town-favorite Frankenstein. Zombie used these creations on his blog to herald the arrival of his sequel, now the writer-director has begun his viral campaign for The Lords of Salem.

Today, he posted – on his Facebook page – the poster for the faux fright flick Frankenstein vs. The Witchfinder. Zombie writes:

FRANKENSTEIN VS THE WITCHFINDER ! Coming Soon to a theater near you! That is if you live in Salem, MA! This amazing lost classic starring Udo Kier, Clint Howard, Daniel Roebuck and Camille Keaton is being screening at the WIQZ Freak-Fest. Don’t miss it. One night only!

WIQZ is the radio station featured in Zombie’s Lords. Of course, this isn’t a real film, but one that will likely play a small part in Lords.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor


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