Now We Know Who is Doing the FX for Maniac


Aja reaches out some old friends

By the power of Joe Spinell’s ghost! Is the Maniac remake moving fast or what?

From the KNB EFX Facebook page came this:

“So on the two newest films we started to work on; one has seven psychopaths and the other one maniac. :)”

The first film mentioned, Seven Psychopaths, is an action-comedy with Colin Farrell, but KNB unmistakably referenced the upcoming Franck Khalfoun-directed horror remake here. So now we know who’s on board the gory effects. Tom Savini handled the gut-churning gross-out gags in William Lustig’s original film.

Given this is an Alex Aja production, it makes sense KNB is on board. The company worked on Aja’s The Hills Have Eyes and Piranah 3D.

Maniac will star Elijah Wood. For our previous update on the film, check out this morning’s news item.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor