Universal’s Chief Calls Wolfman the Worst Ever Made


Looking back on the studio’s slate

This story is too good not to share, because what Movieline scored is something you don’t get often: A studio head admitting faults on a very wide level.

Universal’s top dog Ron Meyer spoke quite frankly to Savannah College of Art & Design students this week about his studio’s performance the last few years. What he said about 2010’s The Wolfman? Classic.

“We make a lot of shitty movies. Every one of them breaks my heart,” Meyer said. “We set out to make good ones. One of the worst movies we ever made was Wolfman. Wolfman and Babe 2 are two of the shittiest movies we put out, but by the same token we made movies we believe in. We did United 93, which is one of the movies I’m most proud of. It wasn’t a big moneymaker, but it’s a film I believe every American should see and it showed you what people can do in the worst of times and how great the human spirit is and all that, so there are moments that can make up for all the junk that you make.”

Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to call it “the worst.” Universal’s had some stinkers for sure. But that’s one hell of a way to put a strain on the relationship between Meyer and everyone involved in that film. (Honestly, I’m sure they don’t care.) You sure you want to see that Creature from the Black Lagoon remake now under Meyer’s term at the studio?

He goes on and on here. Fascinating read. Did someone get a few drinks in this guy first?

Source: Movieline