Fantastic Fest ’11 Exclusive: Nacho Vigalondo Details the Upcoming Thriller Windows

Wants to have it finished for Austin in 2012

Timecrimes‘ Nacho Vigalondo is leaving the realm of Extraterrestrial, a sci-fi-laced romantic comedy, behind for another thriller in Windows, his third feature film.

Announced last week, Vigalondo told Shock this weekend that he would like to have the film ready to debut at Fantastic Fest 2012.

“That’s a movie I’ve been developing for years, a really complicated project,” he said. “It’s so long and complicated that I decided to make Extraterrestrial in the middle of development. But it’s going to be a total challenge. It was going back to Timecrimes in many ways, and that’s why I wanted to do Extraterrestrial, a character-driven film.”

He says scripting the film had been a challenge because he had to be cognizant of what was occurring in story-wise in specific open windows at any given time.

Windows is going to be a labyrinth, a plot told through the screen of a computer. A long shot focusing on windows that open and close, telling a story in real time. Continuous level of tension. A 90-minute climax, pure action in the most cold way. I think it will be made sooner than later.”

We’ll be waiting, Nacho…

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor


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