Scream 4 DVD Art and Why It Will Never Be Part the Trilogy Collection


Disc arrives on October 4

The DVD/Blu-Ray art for Scream 4 has been unveiled (by and, as we reported earlier, it has been confirmed to street on October 4. Not sure about special features yet. Those will be revealed soon, I’m sure.

Now, the question I’m seeing a lot is this: Why isn’t the fourth chapter being included in the Scream collection that’s arriving on September 6.

It’s all about DVD distribution rights. In an earlier news item, I talked about how the rights to the original trilogy were owned by the new Miramax holders and not The Weinstein Company/Dimension Films. Although there is an agreement between the companies to pump out sequels, distribution rights are being divided.

Miramax has a deal with Lionsgate Home Entertainment to distribute the first three Scream films. Meanwhile, The Weinstein Company struck up a partnership with Anchor Bay to distribution their titles. Scream 4 and any sequel that follows will be put out on DVD/Blu by Anchor Bay.

This is similar to the Child’s Play/Chucky films where MGM and Universal handle separate titles in the franchise or even Friday the 13th/Jason which are divided between Paramount and New Line.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor

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