More On Universal’s Next Wolfman Film


Script selected, director being sought

In March, we told you Universal was developing a sequel to The Wolfman for its home video division.

At the time, the studio was seeking writers. Moviehole provided an update today.

Michael Tabb apparently had a script for Universal, yet Moviehole says his draft is being reworked, veering away from a sequel and becoming more of a reboot that will be more in common with George Waggner’s 1941 film. Tabb, according to his IMDb page, wrote the original draft of Troy and penned Ring Around the Rosie (2006).

So, we have to watch Larry Talbot struggle with lycanthropy for the first time again? Honestly, why not just do a straight-up sequel if you’re going to put money into doing a period piece again? It’s better than re-hashing the same story.

Filming is expected to begin this fall; a director is presently being sought. I’m suspecting this is still geared for the direct-to-DVD market.

Source: Moviehole

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