Bits ‘n Bloody Pieces: Vincent Price, Carabas, Captured Bird, Bikers vs. Bigfoot & More!


We wanted the day off, but here’s news anyway!

Bits ‘n Bloody Pieces is a quick look at stuff we might have missed, viral-related promotions or light newsy bites that are easy to digest.

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• Here’s something we haven’t seen yet: Both Spielberg and Abrams talking about Super 8, courtesy of Empire.

• May 27 marked the 100th birthday of Vincent Price. Here’s Zach Bellissimo’s representation of the legendary actor’s many guises, each drawn on sticky notes. Check it out in hi-res right here.

• A very strange teaser trailer from a very unusual director. In this case, Spanish helmer F.Calvelo, who will premiere his short film Carabas at this year’s Sitges Film Festival. Visit the official site here.

CARABAS (Teaser Trailer) from babeco on Vimeo.

• And here’s a trailer for the short film Dead End, from UK writer Gary Charles (the guy “behind the idea” for Dead Cert, so says a press release) and director Martin Rath. Charles penned the script in 20 minutes and the film only took a day to shoot.

• The fifth season of The Twilight Zone is coming to Blu-Ray on August 30, thanks to Image Entertainment.

• The low budget horror actioner Sineaters has wrapped with stars Tim O’Hearn, Melantha Blackthorne, Debbie Rochon and C. Jason Bolton. Here’s a synopsis and poster.

Sineaters is the story of a lone drifter who has come to the end of a violent and bloody journey. He has the power to consume the sins of evil-doers, and the power to heal with his hands, part faith healer and part gunslinger. He loses the spiritual struggle with the Grim, a manifestation of all the evil he has removed from the world, and is turned against his sineater comrades by the cult known as the Vessels of Wrath. Working with a twisted preacher, Brother Aaron, and a darkly alluring woman who seems to guide the preacher’s every decision, the sineater hunts down his friends one by one, as the battle for his soul rages on.

• Jovanka Vuckovic has called it a wrap on her short film The Captured Bird. The former Rue Morgue Magazine editor has posted a thorough behind-the-scenes at this ambitious endeavor right here. Follow the link for her journal and photos from the set.

• The trailer for that Rob Lowe-directed “psychological thriller” Butterfinger the 13th we told you about earlier.

• Bikers versus Bigfoot! The red band trailer for James Anthony Bickert’s horror biker flick Dear God No! can be seen below.

The film follows an outlaw motorcycle gang known as “The Impalers” as they wind down a tri-state rape and murder spree. After a gruesome battle with rival club, “Satan’s Own”, the survivors hole up in a secluded cabin in the North Georgia Mountains. Taking advantage of what seems like easy marks for their depravity, the rough and tough Impalers soon find themselves struggling to survive the flesh-eating killing machine that lives in the forest.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor