Exclusive: Is an Insidious 2 Coming Soon?


Producer Jason Blum gives us an update

The year’s big money-maker, Insidious, has grossed $69 million worldwide. While that might seem like small potatoes compared to the $100+ million box office fiends out there, James Wan’s supernatural thriller has become the most profitable film of 2011.

A sequel is inevitable, right? “I wouldn’t say we’re not considering it,” producer Jason Blum exclusively told Shock earlier this week. “There’s no plan, no release date, nothing like that. I think James feels the same as Oren [Peli]. Oren was very skeptical about doing a sequel to Paranormal Activity until Michael [Perry] pitched an idea and it made sense. If Leigh comes up with a story that’s inventive and you feel like there’s a story to tell – as opposed to ‘let’s make another movie and make money’ – and he comes up with something James feels is worth making we would do it. And if Leigh doesn’t, we won’t.”

Check back with Shock next week when we run our full interview with Blum who discusses the state of the horror business right now and updates us on all of his projects!

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor