Photo: Modern Family’s Gould on Ghoul


Brian Keene’s thoughts from the set

Chiller is at work on adapting Brian Keene’s novel Ghoul with Gregory M. Wilson directing. Nolan Gould of Modern Family is starring alongside Barry Corbin and, today, Keene updated his website with an image from the set.

“Here’s me and Nolan Gould on the set of Ghoul,” he writes. “I’ve said in interviews that Ghoul’s Timmy is one of my most autobiographical characters. Now Nolan is playing him, and knocking it out of the park. It’s very strange to see someone playing a fictionalized version of yourself as a kid, and I’m deeply honored and humbled by Nolan’s portrayal.”

Gould will play a young man, Timmy, who discoveres a ghoul is unearthing bodies in his local cemetery and it quickly turns its attention to coming after Timmy and his friends.

Ghoul is anticipated to air on Chiller this fall.

Source: Brian Keene