Neill Thinks Jurassic Park is “Done”


Not hopeful about the future

In this day and age where Hollywood is reliant more than ever on remakes and reboots you can never say never. But one man, Sam Neill, thinks the Jurassic Park series has run its course.

In talking with MTV, the actor – who played Alan Grant in the series – said, “I think we’ve told the story. I think it’s done,” he said, “Stan Winston who made those beautiful dinosaurs died. So, no Stan, no ‘Jurassic Park’ really…[and author Michael] Crichton died too.”

This isn’t the first time someone has referred to Crichton’s death is a telling sign the series should not move on. Producers Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy said the same thing in 2008.

That hasn’t stopped the rumors of a fourth entry from carrying on…

Source: MTV