No More Locke and Key for Fox


Series adaptation not moving forward

Oh, it’s pilot season. There were bound to be a few unkind cuts, like a kid who wasn’t chosen by his friends on the basketball team.

We’ve been reporting on the proposed Locke and Key television series with the hopes that we would ultimately see it picked up. Alas, that has not happened.

Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman’s adaptation of the comic book has been canned. Mark Romanek directed the pilot which starred Miranda Otto, Sarah Bolger and Nick Stahl.

The series – if it was to move forward – told of a trio of children become the caretakers of Keyhouse, a mansion in New England that is full of secrets and magic. There, the kids discover doors that take them to different places, give them powers and even alter gender and skin color. Behind one door is a dangerously violent creature.

I hope a copy of the pilot leaks out, would love to see it…

Source: Deadline