Oren Peli Jumping into Nature-Run-Amok Territory?


Third directorial effort gains financing

Oren Peli, the guy from San Diego who made a splash on the genre scene with Pararnomal Activity, has secured his next project at FilmNation.

The company will finance his latest – presently untitled – endeavor which he wrote. According to Screen Daily, the film is about a group of “friends who discover they are not alone after they become stranded in a ghost town overrun by nature.”

Hmm, Peli departing the realm of ghosts (he co-produced Insidious, don’t forget) for a possible nature-run-amok tale? No word yet if his third feature film – behind the still unreleased Area 51 – will also be utilizing the “found footage” angle.

Brian Witten will produce.

Peli told Screen Daily: “We are extremely excited about our new horror project, and while we can’t disclose too many details about it, rest assured it will be scary as hell.”

Source: Screen Daily