Interview: Christopher Landon On the Paranormal Activity End Game, the Creative…

The Paranormal Activity franchise has always tried to create an air of mystery. You know nothing about the plot going in. There’s never an opening studio logo and each film gives the impression like you’re watching something classified. That’s changed a bit with Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, the first film in the series to actually open with the Paramount logo. Some of the players involved have also been offered up for interviews – which usually doesn’t happen – and we leapt at the chance to speak with Christopher Landon, who serves as writer-director on The Marked Ones.

He has also been part of the series since Paranormal Activity 2, helping shape the franchise’s mythology.

We first spoke to Landon during the press tour for Disturbia, which he penned, and he proved to be an excited and avid fan of horror. Inside, Landon chats with us about how he became involved in the series, how a test screening for Paranormal Activity 3 paved the way for The Marked Ones, how there is an end game in place for the series, where he’s at with Boy Scouts vs. Zombies? and he talks about a proposed Christine remake that never came to fruition.

Paramount Confirms Paranormal Activity 4

Paramount Pictures is celebrating today.  The studio announced it has topped all of the other studios in terms of worldwise box office.  They won the pissing contest earning $5.17 billion in worldwide sales.  Interesting?  Sure.  But what some folks are overlooking in Paramount’s press release is confirmation that, heretofore has only been speculation, the Paranormal Activity saga will indeed continue this fall.