Does This Look Like an Abominable Snowman Film to You?


This descent gets…deadly

UFO International Productions continues to feed the trash compactor with Deadly Descent: The Legend of the Abominable Snowman, starring Chuck Campbell and Adrian Paul. The art below is what they’re using to sell the picture. Just screams “Abominable Snowman,” right?

I took a gander at UFO’s site and I see there’s another Deadly Descent listed – complete with action-packed art. But the plot that goes with that page details another story that does not include an abominable snowman. Instead, a pack of genetically engineered wolves are after snowboarders.

So, either UFO has a series of Deadly Descent films in the works or they just said halfway through development, “F**k the wolves, let’s go with a goddamn Yeti.”

Source: Shock Till You Drop