IFC Acquires Bloodsucker Mockumentary


Humorous import from Belgium

IFC has acquired Vampires, a mockumentary from Belgium, from House of Film.

The story follows a family of bloodsuckers who are bored with immortality.

A House of Film rep, who made the sale to IFC, says, “Vampires is a smart, quirky film, IFC is the perfect company to ensure that this film reaches a North American audience, and gets the attention it deserves.”

Synopsis: A film crew ventures amidst a family of vampires to make a documentary. They seek answers to the crucial questions we all ask ourselves… Who are they? Do they drink anything other than blood? How do they manage their social life? Do they file their teeth? Can they sleep, dream, die, feel feelings, eat garlic? After several weeks in the company of this family of four and their friends, foes and neighbors, our brave little crew finds the answers, and a lot more… They will find themselves at the heart of a family drama that takes the friendly vampire clan all the way to Quebec. Montreal will be the theater of profound mutations that will change the international vampire community forever, and ever. The community we discover through this film is strange indeed, yet so endearing. A strange society that, in the end, is not so alien to us as we might think.

Vincent Lannoo directed the film.

Source: Shock Till You Drop