FearNET Expands, Snatches Up Two Shows


Both airing in August

FearNET is widening its reach, now expanding from VOD and Verizon Fios to Time Warner Cable and Comcast.

In addition to that announcement, the horror channel has acquired the Canadian television series Todd and the Book of Pure Evil and Psychoville, which hails from the UK.

Created by Craig David Wallace, “Todd” spin-offs from Wallace’s short film of the same name and follows a headbanger who seeks dating advice from the devil and unleashes hell on earth to get the cheerleader he loves. Jason Mewes co-stars.

Psychoville is about a group of seemingly unrelated strangers who all receive a mysterious note stating “I know what you did,” which sends their lives into a downward spiral. This group of characters includes a birthing coach nurse who believes her practice doll is a real baby; an alcoholic, one-handed clown; a young man obsessed with serial killers; a telekinetic dwarf; and a miserly old man with the world’s biggest Beanie Baby collection. Reece Shearsmith co-stars.

Both shows begin airing August 2. Check out some teaser pages here and here.

Source: Variety