Exclusive: Where is Mother’s Day? Plus, New Images!


And an extended clip…

As we near the end of the month, the question some genre fans are asking is: Where is Darren Lynn Bousman’s redo of Mother’s Day? The film played to festival audiences, it was acquired by Gigapix Studios and was scheduled to open against James Wan’s Insidious, which posed some friendly competition between the two Saw franchise directors.

“At one point we were releasing on April 1,” Bousman explains to Shock when we call him up to find out the status of his flick, “then the weekend became over run with other genre flicks – I think the distributor wanted a quieter weekend. At this point I am only speculating – as I am not involved at all regarding the release… With Saw, or Repo! The Genetic Opera I was working with a company I had a strong relationship with as I had done numerous films with them. Lionsgate always kept me in the loop so I always knew where we were. This is not the case unfortunately this time out – for the most part, I get information the same time you do. When I wake up, I scour the genre sites seeing what, if any information has been released”

So, is a backup release date planned and is it still anticipated to roll out theatrically? Bousman says, “I emailed back and forth over the weekend with one of peeps at the distribution company. They assured me again it is coming out in theaters here – it is not a DVD release. As for a date, that I can’t give you. I know their plan is soon – as in second quarter of this year. Hopefully my obsessive emailing wears them out and they announce one soon.”

“This has been my hardest experience as a filmmaker as hands down Mother’s Day is my best film to date,” he adds. “I have never been more proud of a film I have worked on. However, it’s also the most brutal film I have done – this is not a light-hearted romp with mama. It’s intense, it’s violent, it’s dramatic. As much as it is tearing me apart waiting – I would rather wait and have them put the movie out at the right time – then just dump it on some crammed weekend. I know a lot of my fans are sick and tired of waiting, trust me, no one is more sick and tired than I am. I hope they stay with me and this flick as I truly believe it will be worth the wait. It’s a much different animal than say, Saw or Repo!. It’s more ‘adult’ if that makes any sense.”

Bousman says he has had the time to make a few changes to the film. “Small stuff, but things I think will make a bigger impact when it finally does reach the audience!”

Check out a slew of new images from the film in our photo gallery and, get a taste of what’s to come via the four-minute clip before.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor