Six Images from Lucky McKee’s Woman


The sequel to Offspring

The official site for The Woman has birthed six new photos from the Lucky McKee-directed sequel to Offspring. Yes, that’s Angela Bettis is see below. She also starred in McKee’s May. Sean Bridgers and Pollyana McIntosh also star.

Synopsis: The Woman is the last surviving member of a violent clan that has roamed the Northeast Coast for decades. When the last of her family is killed in a battle with the police, The Woman finds herself alone, severely wounded…and vulnerable. Unfortunately, she is now a far too easy prey for local hunter, successful country lawyer and seriously disturbed family man Christopher Cleek. With his twisted set of ideals, Cleek decides to embark upon a deranged project – to capture her and “civilize” The Woman” a decision that will soon threaten the lives of Cleek, his family and The Woman.

Source: Official Site