And the Director of the Martyrs Remake Is…


Redo will offer “glimmer of hope”?

Daniel Stamm.

The name might resonate with you depending on how you felt about The Last Exorcism. Well, according to the L.A. Times, he’s the man chosen to direct an American remake of Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs.

And no, Kristen Stewart, contrary to early reports that polluted the web, will not be starring in the redo.

Since Exorcism, Stamm also boarded Reincarnate, the next film in M. Night Shyamalan’s “Night Chronicles.”

Stamm tells the Times: “Martyrs is very nihilistic. The American approach [that I’m looking at] would go through all that darkness but then give a glimmer of hope. You don’t have to shoot yourself when it’s over.”

Source: L.A. Times