Exclusive: Will Scream 4 Relaunch the Franchise?

David Arquette: “It definitely leaves it open”

Earlier today, ShockTillYouDrop.com had a chance to sit down with actor David Arquette to talk about his role in Terry Gilliam’s short film “The Legend of Hallowdega,” which will premiere on the Official Site on Sunday. We know how many “Scream” fans there are out there, so we had to sneak in a couple of questions about the upcoming Scream 4, which is coming out on April 15, 2011.

“It’s an exciting movie,” Arquette told us during the interview. “‘Scream 4’ I think is going to be the best of the sequels by far. It’s got a really amazing beginning, and throughout it it’s great and then the ending is pretty cool, too.”

We asked the actor if it was a no-brainer to return to the series after ten years. “For me it was,” he responded. “I love the character Dewey, I love working with Wes Craven. Being able to work with Courteney again is amazing and Neve. It was pretty much a no-brainer. We’ve been working on these movies for 16 years, so you go back and we know the DP and the propmaster and the first AD and they’re all buddies of ours. We all went through this whole experience together.”

“There is definitely self-referential humor,” he said in brief when asked how much of the last ten years of horror will be incorporated before telling us how his character has changed. “I play Sheriff Riley, not Deputy Dewey anymore, but I still lack the respect from the people that I feel like I deserve, but it’s a great way to find comedy through the quirks of a police officer with no real authority. Nobody takes him seriously and things still tend to go very wrong.”

One question on many minds is whether Scream 4 might pave the way for more “Scream” movies down the road, considering how many people love the series, and Arquette seems to think there’s a good chance Scream 4 won’t be the end. “It definitely leaves it open,” he told us, “So I would love to play the character again. I enjoy it, and I hope the people go out and enjoy it. I loved working with Wes and the whole family.”

Look for our full video interview with Arquette talking about “The Legend of Hallowdega” this Friday, then you can watch Gilliam’s short film for yourself on Sunday, Halloween night!

Source: Edward Douglas


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