NYCC ’10 Exclusive: Saw 3D Director Kevin Greutert

Talking about the final chapter of the franchise

At the New York Comic-Con on Saturday, Lionsgate’s upcoming series finale Saw 3D certainly had a presence but it wasn’t one that some might expect. Rather than showing footage and potentially spoiling any of the plot or traps, director Kevin Greutert and some of the cast, excluding Tobin Bell, showed up to do an autograph signing and do some press for the upcoming movie. The seventh entry in the series stars Bell, Cary Elwes, Costas Mandylor, Betsy Russell, Sean Patrick Flanery and Gina Holden. had a chance to sit down with the director to talk about his second movie in the franchise he directed, having been involved as an editor with every single “Saw” movie going back to the James Wan original.

In this exclusive video interview we discuss:

* How and when the idea to make the seventh film the finale

* The larger scope of the film and the franchise’s first public trap outdoors and in daylight

* Trying to make this last movie a standalone

* Going for a different look and feel for the movie (while keeping it somewhat familiar)

* Talking about the traps and how they tie into the story (which always comes first)

* On how Tobin is feeling about playing Jigsaw for the 7th time

* Working with Linkin Parks’ Chester Bennington

* Bringing Cary Elwes back again to show what happened to Dr. Gordon

* Is this really going to be the final movie if Saw 3D does really well? (He says there won’t be another “Saw” movie for “at least five years”)

* Talking about opening on Halloween weekend proper

* What happened with him directing the “Paranormal Activity” sequel

And a lot more!

Saw 3D opens on October 29 in 2D and 3D theaters.

Source: Edward Douglas, Shock Till You Drop


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