Exclusive Shock Video Interview with Wes Craven

Talking about My Soul to Take and more!

As the official month for horror films kicks into high gear with all of the usual franchise suspects, it seems like there’s no better time for one of the masters and legends of horror, Mr. Wes Craven, to make his return with his latest movie, My Soul to Take.

While there may be elements of Craven’s past movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream in My Soul to Take, specifically the presence of serial killers and teenagers slaughtered one-by-one, it does delve into some new territory like split personalities and spirituality in terms of where one’s soul goes after death.

It stars Max Thieriot as Adam “Bug” Hellerman, who turns 16 on the anniversary of the death of a brutal serial killer with multiple personalities, known as the Riverton Ripper. As other teens who share Bug’s birthday start dying, he begins to show signs of their personalities himself. And let’s just say that’s all we can tell you cause it gets downright strange from there.

ShockTillYouDrop.com had a chance to sat down with Craven over the weekend and we discussed the following:

* Why he decided to return to writing his own scripts

* Why he shut his production company down

* What the original idea was that got him going on “My Soul to Take”

* Finding new ways to kill people… and scare people

* We try to figure out why he’s so keen on killing teenagers

* The religious aspects of the movie

* We try to make a smooth transition to asking about “Scream 4” but are quickly shut down

And more!

My Soul to Take opens nationwide on Friday, October 8, in 2D and 3D theaters. Fingers crossed, we’ll have some interviews with two of Craven’s young cast later this week.

Source: Edward Douglas


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