Hammer’s Wake Wood Finds a Home


Hitting the U.S. in spring 2011

The Hammer Films production The Wake Wood has been picked up by MPI’s Dark Sky Films for a U.S. release.

A spring 2011 theatrical run is being planned.

Directed by David Keating, the film tells of a couple grieving the death of nine-year-old Alice – their only child – at the jaws of a crazed dog. They relocate to the remote town of Wake Wood where they learn of a pagan ritual that will allow them three more days with Alice. The couple find the idea disturbing and exciting in equal measure, but once they agree terms with Arthur, the village’s leader, a far bigger question looms – what will they do when it’s time for Alice to go back?

“A horror film that also stirs the heart is a rare combination,” said MPI Media Group’s Greg Newman, “but Wake Wood is just that. Writer-director David Keating, co-writer Brendan McCarthy and their great cast have created a special movie that transcends genre.”

Source: Shock Till You Drop