Hack/Slash Becomes An Illustrated Film


From the team behind Godkiller

There’s nothing currently new to report on the Hack/Slash feature film front, but there is a new development happening with Tim Seeley’s title.

Halo-8 Entertainment has picked up the rights for filmmaker Matt Pizzolo to adapt Hack/Slash into an illustrated film similar to what he did with Godkiller.

Pizzolo will adapt “My First Maniac” (review) currently being published in comic book form by Image Comics. Halo-8 is planning to release the illustrated film in 2011 as a double-feature with Pizzolo’s previously announced adaptation of Seeley’s Loaded Bible comic book.

Seeley said, “I’m happy to have my two babies in the same crib, with a unique HACK/SLASH and LOADED BIBLE double feature. Viewers can get their horror and sacrilege in the same lovin’ spoonful.”

Hack/Slash tells the ongoing adventures of Cassie Hack (daughter of the evil slasher known as The Lunch Lady), who rejected her mother’s murderous ways and instead devoted her life to hunting down slashers with her partner Vlad. “My First Maniac” is the newest Hack/Slash mini-series, going back to the beginning Year One-style and detailing Cassie’s very first case.

Source: Shock Till You Drop