10 Backwoods Killers & How They Would Fair In a Fight With Jason Voorhees


Friday the 13th here and we all know that brings a certain remote killer to mind.  But let’s say the Voorhees catalogue isn’t available for you to view.

In that case, Shock has a list of the best alternate maniacs that run around in the less populated areas. And to add a little flavor, we’ll put in our two cents on how well they would fair against Crystal Lake’s most notorious resident.

Tucker and Dale / Tucker and Dale versus Evil

This horror comedy was caught in production hell forever but when it finally graced the screens, it was great to see regular tropes turned on their head. The veteran Alan Tudyk and relative newcomer Tyler Labine made a perfect goof troop as the clumsy and unfortunate hillbillies turned killers by accident.

Versus Jason: Considering that it took a load of bad luck and misfortune for the boys to handle a crew of teenagers, something Jason does for fun on a regular basis, I think Jase would slice and dice the two in a considerably small amount of time. It is easy to say the boys both score pretty high on the flair of their kills, whether they’re intentional or not.

Leslie Vernon / Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

With Behind the Mask the horror world went meta in a way that could make Wes Craven blush and Nathan Baesel managed to somehow make us sympathize and root for the urban killer. Vernon breaks down his daily training and rigorous practice to finally try and pull of the small town killing that makes legends.

Versus Jason: Sure, Vernon exercises and is in a good shape for a guy his age but let’s not forget this is firmly planted in the real world. Toe to toe with the big boy of horror slaughter jobs, Vernon is toast. As far as pure entertainment value goes, Leslie is none too shabby when it comes to quips whereas Jason is as mute as they come, so at least we’d get some laughs from Vernon before he eats it.

Dollface, Man in the Mask, Pin-Up Girl / The Strangers

In 2008, Bryan Bertino brought us the minimalistic creepfest The Strangers. The movie played with subtle horror geniusly and Liv Tyler shined as a scream queen damsel. The movie lost some of it’s appeal once things really got rolling but it stands out as a new age classic slasher.

Versus Jason: While the three creepy strangers managed to scare a vulnerable Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman, and do their fair share of damage along the way, I think the three youngsters would meet a quick end at the hands of Jason. Their stealth tactics may save them a couple minutes but ultimately knives and traps have never quite done Jason in before.

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