Art, More Details on Kristy Swanson’s Swamp Shark


Fresh water, fresh meat

To kick off August, we brought you the trailer for Swamp Shark, another gem coming to us from SyFy and director Griff Furst.

Charles Bolon scripted and today we’ve landed the official synopsis and some teaser art to share. In the film, a great white shark mutates and adapts to freshwater when a US Government bio-terrorism research facility spills its radioactive chemicals into the ocean. As the shark wreaks havoc on Mississippi River towns and threatens the freshwater system of the country, an embattled local fisherman and his hillbilly crew become destined to kill it.

Furst also directed Lake Placid 3, which recently aired on SyFy. So the man is no stranger to genetic mutations.

Click on that link in the first paragraph to check out that trailer.

Source: Shock Till You Drop