James Wan Takes Nightfall

Will direct the vampire prison graphic novel adaptation

James Wan has signed on to direct Nightfall for Platinum Studios, reports Deadline.

The original graphic novel was created by Scott O. Brown and Ferran Xalabarder published by Platinum’s comic book imprint in 2007 and deals with a conservative Texan, David Paxton, who winds up in a prison run by vampires.

Wan was reportedly ready to direct the film based solely on the logline, even before he even read the full graphic novel. While it’s not specifically addressed in Deadline‘s announcement, that may indicate that the film version will be a departure from the specifics of the original, as is said to be the case with the studio’s upcoming Cowboys & Aliens.

Wan directed the original Saw and has served as Executive Producer on every subsequent film in the franchise. His next film, Insidious is set to debut at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival.

Source: Deadline


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