Guillermo Del Toro, Jovanka Vuckovic Team for Captured Bird


Former Rue Morgue editor in the director’s chair

She stepped down from her position at Rue Morgue Magazine as its editor, but we all knew it wasn’t going to be the last we heard of Jovanka Vuckovic.

Today, it was revealed her latest endeavor is going to be The Captured Bird, a short film executive produced by Guillermo del Toro.

“Jovanka’s vision has been honed to perfection and combines true poetry with savage instinct,” says del Toro in a press release. “[It’s] lyrical and brutal. Just what the doctor ordered.”

Vuckovic adds, “Having Guillermo [del Toro] on board as Executive Producer is like a dream come true for a first time filmmaker. His well of inspiration is as limitless as his generosity. Plus, The Captured Bird is just too ambitious to make without his guidance. I’m very grateful to have him as part of the team.”

Along for the ride is Spectral Motion, the effects team behind Hellboy (naturally), Douglas Buck (Sisters) as editor and Karim Hussain as director of photography.

“The Captured Bird is inspired in part by a childhood nightmare, the writings of H. P. Lovecraft, the fables of the Brothers Grimm and the paranormal phenomenon referred to as The Shadow People,” explains writer-director Vuckovic. “It’s sort of a dark fable that I hope people will find haunting, poetic and beautiful.”

Vuckovic elaborates on the project further in the video below. An official site has launched and I think it goes without saying that we’re all eager to see what she’s going to bring to the table. Good luck, Jovanka!

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor