Viewers Impressed By Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D Clip


Scene description from Sony presentation

Sony held a special presentation for press in London recently. There the studio unveiled 3D footage from Resident Evil: Afterlife, opening here in the State on September 10. Unlike a number of 3D films, the fourth entry in the Evil franchise was shot in 3D, not post-converted, and according to Obsessed With Film’s writer, the results show. He was very impressed.

Here’s the scene that was shown…

The scene, entitled, ‘the Axe-Man’ takes place in a shower room and sees Milla Jovovich reprising her role as the super-human Alice, joined by agent Clare Redfield (Ali Larter) as they and two big, beefy soldiers attempt to escort a weedy, Chinese scientist out of some kind of ravaged city through a sewer. Suddenly a giant, genetically modified, bloodied mask-wearing monster of a man invades, wielding an axe the size of a bloody scooter!

After bludgeoning the head clean off one of the beefcakes, Alice attempts to usher the scientist out while Clare keeps the Axeman busy. The showerheads are smashed off and water cascades everywhere like rain falling from the sky, which creates incredible depth of field. The battle continues with each swing of the axe coming towards Clare and us. The conclusion of the scene is amazing, the axe comes flying towards the screen, and for the first time in a 3D film, or perhaps any film, I flinched! And so did the rest of the theatre.

Source: Obsessed With Film