Update: Saw 8 Already Conceived…

Betsy Russell talks possibilities

Update: What Betsy is saying is partially true. We’re told the writers had ideas for both parts seven and eight, but they opted to combine those ideas into Saw 3D. So, the seventh film is, indeed, the last tale.

Is Saw 3D really the end? Well, if Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter taught us: Never say never.

Saw franchise star Betsy Russell (aka “Mrs. Jigsaw”) tells Pop Wrap: “Before we thought it was ending [with ‘Saw 7’], the writers came up with an unbelievable idea [for ‘Saw 8’]. It’s an amazing story that I would love to see. We want to end near the top, with our integrity in tact and not letting the characters die a slow death, so to speak. But I believe in my heart that someday, somehow, [‘Saw 8’] will happen.”

Although the producers say their 3D entry is going to cap the series, I think it’s safe to presume should it do pretty damn well at the box office (better than the last entry’s performance), it will continue on at some point.

Source: Pop Wrap


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