Trailer: Kristy Swanson Slays the Swamp Shark


SyFy’s upcoming creature feature

“This isn’t a normal shark…it swims. It kills. And it’s out there!”

Such elegant dialogue is at the heart of Swamp Shark, the upcoming SyFy movie starring Kristy Swanson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), DB Sweeney and Robert Davi. Set against the backdrop of Louisiana during a “gator fest,” the film finds Swanson trying to clear her name after a local drunk is killed. Swanson’s gators are suspected, but Swanson knows the score. It’s a “swamp shark”! What the hell is that? Click on the player below to find out! The action is thick in this one, my friends.

You don’t get a full glimpse of the shark, but you get a decent teaser.

Source: Scene Louisiana