SyFy Focuses on Zombie Zeros


Undead extermination team cleans up

SyFy has ordered up a slate of new original programming that will carry the network over the next few months. And among the usual fare featuring aliens and has-beens comes an original series about zombies. Here’s the lowdown.


In this 1/2-hour single-camera satire, when the zombie population of Marshall City overcomes the 30-foot barrier separating the infected people from the rest of the city, the Zombie Extermination and Removal Operations company (the Zeros) are called in to keep the peace. When they can get out of their own way long enough to focus on a case, they are pretty effective with very unorthodox methods.

Executive Producers: David Kenin and Steve Brenner

Co-Executive Producers: Chris Provost & Dave Hales

Hmm, nothing incredibly original as that concept (the C.O.P.S. meets zombies formula) has been done before. But it could be interesting.

Source: SyFy