Indie Watch: The End of the World is Here in Collapsed


Eternal filmmakers take on new project

Canadian production company Unstable Ground is pushing the production start of its upcoming vampire film The Eternal and is forging ahead with a new film.

“In our quest for full finance over the past couple of years a number of market realities have become apparent to us,” states director/producer Justin McConnell. “The DTV market is close to dead, and The Eternal as packaged, with the budget and cast that we have attached, is too much of a risk for most investors, given the economy. It’s difficult to get an original independent film budgeted between $2‐$3 million off the ground without A‐list attachment, therefore, we’re going to rework the project to target a lower production budget, and continue to move forward. This will probably mean a slightly less well‐known cast, but the film and graphic novel

itself will likely not change.”

Unstable’s new horror-thriller The Collapsed shoots in Toronto at the end of this month. Much of the production team from The Eternal will be working on the new film, including D.O.P. Pasha Patriki, art director/make‐up FX Kevin Hutchinson, and composer Rob Kleiner.

Synopsis: In the wake of the end of the world, a family of four desperately tries to survive against insurmountable odds. Their goal: escaping the city and traveling to the rural community they once called home, Dover’s Bend.

The constant threat of a violent death forcing them to stay as far away from civilization as possible, they take to the forest, soon to discover the danger posed by other survivors may be the least of their worries.

Source: Shock Till You Drop