SDCC ’10: First 8 Minutes of Saw 3D Screened!


How does the final “Saw” movie start?

Lionsgate hosted a special event tonight in San Diego, inviting press to take part in a Q and A with several of the key players of the Saw franchise. Jigsaw himself, Tobin Bell, joined producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules alongside director Kevin Greutert to recall the history of the film series and its effect on pop culture.

In celebration of Saw becoming the most financially successful horror franchise of all time, both Burg and Koules were presented with official plaques from Craig Glenday, the Editor in Chief of the Guinness Book of World Records.

Following a brief Q and Q, the first eight minutes of Saw 3D premiered to press and a select group of fans.

Spoilers Ahead!

Opening where the first Saw left off, we see Cary Elwes as Dr. Gordon dragging himself along the floor, his foot gone. He makes his way to a heating pipe and, mustering the courage, presses his amputated wound against the heat, cauterizing it. As he screams, we fade away.

We come back to an all-new trap, this time in broad daylight in a major city. Inside a glass box in a large public square are two men chained to a machine. They’re just waking up as a crowd gathers around them, wondering what’s going on. Each are chained to circular saws with another saw in the center. Above them, a door opens to reveal a woman, strapped horizontally above the saw. Jigsaw appears on his tricycle, speaking in Tobin Bell’s voice. He explains that this woman has cheated on them and convinced each man to commit crimes for her. They must now choose where the interconnected saws go; they can push the saw from beneath her, but it will cause it to go into one of them.

Everyone screams and the crowd tries to break the glass to no avail. Each man tries to push the saws into the other and one of them gets cut across the chest. The woman suddenly swaps her affections when she realizes that one is losing and both men notice, deciding to let her die instead. The circular saw cuts right into her chest and we see intestines fall right out of the wound onto the bloody floor.

Everyone reiterated that this will be the very final film and will wrap up a story arc that Burg and Koules conceived midway through the series.

Saw 3D hits theaters on October 29th.

Source: Silas Lesnick