SDCC ’10: Live Bloggin’ from the Hatchet 2 Panel


Adam Green and cast talk sequel

In moments, Adam Green and his cast from Hatchet II will take to the stage to discuss the follow-up to his 2007 slasher film. Keep refreshing this page for updates as we’ll be live blogging this event!

Here we are at the Old School American Horror panel and Adam Green is awesome.

Green compliments the people who sat through the panel prior to this one which was something having to do with penguins.

He then says that he will show the crowd 8 kill scenes from the film but then said normally that would ruin a film but in Hatchet 2 there are 17 kills so no worries.

We then get the teaser trailer which is pretty short and sweet but doesn’t give much away at all.

Nearly the whole cast is here including Green’s new wife that actually plays a young Victor Crowley, Rileah Vanderbilt, and Danielle Harris (from the Rob Zombie Halloween flicks). Tom Holland makes his first acting gig since retiring. Kane Hodder is also in attendence and the gang is literally all here.

Parry Shen is asked how he can be in the second film after getting killed off in the first … Shen says he plays his twin brother that his character in Hatchet 1 talked about.

We then get a first clip with Harris and Tony Todd, as the spooky Rev. Zombie. Harris looks as if she has been through hell already and talks about some of her friends being killed off. It describes a bit of the background of some of the characters in the film and how Thomas Crowley cheated on his ailing wife – complete with wet spot!Then his wife that was on her death bed curses the mistress and “They say the day Victor Crowley was born, the swamp mourned.” It is a very good origin story that we only got parts of from the first film.

But the clip goes on and shows a number of the early kills that Crowley performed in his early days of being in the swamp after his father died – complete with face slashing fun. Good clip!

Harris talks about how she got the part and that originally she was supposed to be just a minor character in the film but when Tamara Feldman dropped out, she got the part.

Holland then talks about having fun on set and actually not working for a long time and waiting for the right film to come back and Green says he was waiting for a chance to use Holland, so it worked out well.

Kane Hodder then speaks and says that he believes Hatchet was the best horror movie he’s ever done. He then says that Hatchet 2 is better. Excuse me, “f**king better.” He says he killed 8 people in the first one and 17 in the second. Hodder talks about how Hatchet gave him an opportunity to do real acting rather than acting as a masked character. He says that he was able to do some real gigs outside of horror and in the horror genre as a result of his part in Hatchet.

Green then talks about how the whole cast and crew got his hard by swine flu saying “We all were shitting and puking all over the place, it was the worse thing ever.”

Clip #2: Two poor saps with guns in the dark hear something rumbling and then hear a chainsaw trying to be started. They open fire on a figure coming at them with said chainsaw and both dudes get sliced from groin to head at the same time in one seriously brutal, bloody, gory scene. Another good clip.

Green comments on the MPAA and trying to get an R rating and he says it is not possible. He states that the MPAA is saying that he can’t do some of the scenes at all. One of the major theater chains, however, saw the movie and they are taking Hatchet 2 unrated and putting into theaters as an unrated movie. He promises more news on this soon and the lease agreement with the theater chain. This could mean 1,000 theaters or 500 theaters or 1, he doesn’t know but it does “take away some of the power away from the MPAA c**ts.”

Clip #3: A WWE style fight between Crowley and one of the bigger bad-ass stars, goes for a long time until Crowley gets the upper hand and does a brutal table stomp on the dude’s head severing it. Some of the best clips shown at SDCC this year.

Holland is asked how he and Green got together, Holland says that they met at a horror convention and became friends but he never thought he would be asked to do this movie with him.

Will there be a Hatchet 3? Not sure, Green said. And if there is, he is unsure of what involvement he will have. He then talks about Frozen’s DVD release and that there are 90 minutes of extras on the DVD that he calls “the best special features on a DVD ever.”

Interesting that Green says his reps and managers told him not to do Hatchet 2 because he has gotten some awards for some of his other films but he went ahead and did it anyway.

Green also rants about all the remake horror films and if people would go see original movies, there would be more horror films that are original rather than few and far between.

Green is doing a film with Christopher Columbus called Killer Pizza that is a campy type horror-comedy that he said he grew up with.

They show the teaser again and this time we can actually see it. It does what a teaser should do and keeps you guessing as to what will happen. That’s the end of the panel.

Source: Peter Brown