SDCC ’10: Live from the Dexter Panel


Cast & crew on the upcoming season!

The killer series Dexter is heating up for the next season and we began the panel with a look at the Dexter video game that is available for mobile phones everywhere. However, there is also a a

Saying good-bye to Julie Benz and her character? Very difficult, says Sara Coleton, an executive producer on the show, it is like losing a friend and it is very tough. She is someone that the cast and crew had grown to love and she’ll be missed.

How is Harry going to play a role in Dexter’s new life after the end of the season? James Remar said “You go back to fundamentals when something extreme happens in your life. So, to be with Dexter as an actor it is an achievement. For harry to be a voice in Dexter’s life it is a cool dance you have to do. I have to make sure I am being the fundamental voice of Dexter’s path.

Manny Cotto is a new producer on the show and how is it for him moving to this series? “I got off a moving train in 24. It has been daunting, my first pitch was a Jack Bauer Dexter Morgan match up. It is a different show, you have to forget about the real-time aspect. But the human, in many ways this is a dark comedy, which 24 had none.”

A fan asks what they think about the similarities between Dexter and Batman, stumping the panel and those they ask her what she thinks is the similiar traits and she rattles off a laundry list and the panel, especially Michael C. Hall tries to give a comparison but it is more humor than anything.

Someone asks Hall if he ever feels like Dexter or doing something that he’d do. Hall says maybe in traffic. He also says that playing a character for such a long time that you actually do become a part of the character and vice versa.

A guy asks Jennifer Carpenter if being wrapped up in plastic wrap was one of the stranger acting moments of her life. She simply looks odd and says “yeah.” That’s it.

A fan asks a question that forces that panel to all look at each other for what he meant. Basically he was asking what the orgin story of Dexter was and Sara Coleton gives the premise of the show.

Someone asks what their favorite twist of the series has been. Hall says the end of Season Four while Carpenter says she thinks her favorite twist has yet to come.

The inspiration for the Frankie Valley song? Hall says he doesn’t know. Sara Coleton says it was Arthur (John Lithgow)’s character’s favorite song as a child so that’s where it came from.

Who is guest starring this season? Julia Stiles Johnny Lee Miller, and Peter Weller.

Harder to focus on the acting since you are so physically involved in the show? Carpenter says that you become vunerable because of the physical nature of the show and you sometimes don’t know what you are acting or doing it for until you see a room full of people like Comic-Con.

Someone then offers ideas for future storylines and is quickly shunned.

The panel host asks about Jennifer’s character’s love life and how she is the unluckiest character in love. Jennifer says she can’t really answer (spoilers I guess), so the host says something about red shirts and Star Trek.

How long can Dexter last? Colleton says as long as they have compelling stories and can make things interesting for fans as well as for those involved it could go on for many more seasons.

Some dude then gets on and claims “if he was a serial killer …” then drifts off and the panel is left to fill in the blank where Hall gives some great comedy about not getting caught and covering your tracks.

When did they get the idea to kill off Rita (Julie Benz)? It wasn’t right away but as the season progressed and how Dexter began to lash out against his own code and push the boundaries, it became clear that he had to pay a price and that price was his wife, Colleton says.

Will they ever bring Rita back? No.

What was Hall’s most famous kill? Little Geno.

What will happen with Rita’s kids? Rita’s death is a large part of what happens in Season Five in terms of how the kids deal with losing their mother. Some of the blame comes Dexter’s way as well and we’ll see some fallout from that during the season, Manny Cotto says.

Source: Peter Brown