SDCC ’10: Piranha Footage Too Hot for Comic-Con!


Boobs, blood and a whole lot more

Tonight, Dimension Films took the lid off the kettle of footage from Piranha 3D that was deemed “too hot” to preview on site at the San Diego Comic-Con. So, studio reps opted to host an event not far from the convention hall tonight.

The footage begins with Elisabeth Shue and Ving Rhames walking along a broken down pier where an abandoned boat floats. Shue investigates and naturally falls in the water where a nasty half eaten body clings to her as if a zombie.

Cut to two divers descending into an underwater ravine. One takes a turn into a tunnel which takes him into a massive, “endless” cave. Aja plays with the 3D, pulling his camera backward through the cave, giving the shot some fun perspective. The diver sees a string of fish eggs and continues on as a single egg floats towards us closer, closer still until this thing is in your face and we can see the embryo of a nasty lil’ piranha spinning inside, a chance for Aja to provide a stinger scare. Another shocker comes when the diver is bit. When he turns around, he’s surrounded by hundreds of prehistoric piranha who move in for the kill.

The next scene introduces us to big Spring Break wet t-shirt scene hosted by a pun-dropping Eli Roth. “Look at those weapons of masturbation, right over heeeeahhh!” he yells as he sprays water on some well endowed hotties. The fun is cut short when Ving Rhames and his fellow police officers try to declare an emergency. Of course, the revelers don’t listen and the party continues…until the fish attack and the Spring Break massacre begins.

Fish flood the camera. Aja takes us underwater as bodies struggle to escape the feeding frenzy. Kids try to reach higher ground – particularly a giant stage which eventually overturns due to the weight. A snapped cable lashes out cutting two girls in half…their bikinis come off first, naturally. And Roth suffers a particularly awesome death that splashes a blonde girl in gore. One jack-ass races through the lake on his speed boat, running people over and chopping them up with his propeller.

It’s madness and every bit as bloody as you’ve read about.

On shore, it looks like a World War is being fought. Cops pulls people out of the water. Everyone is chewed up. One girl is split in two. KNB’s Greg Nicotero is spotted carrying half a body on his back. AC/DC’s Highway to Hell kicks into the preview and gives us a montage of clips with Rhames grabbing a boat propeller and jamming it into the water, Steven McQueen looks like he’s doing tequila shots, a girl vomits off the side of a boat…and onto the camera lens, Kelly Brook and Riley Steele share an underwater nude swimming scene, a piranha bursts out of a girl’s mouth and another piranha gets a taste of Jerry O’Connell’s unfortunate member.

Ah, yes, total depravity from the director of The Hills Have Eyes and High Tension. Looks like silly fun!

Source: Shock Till You Drop