Farmer Reflects on Drive Angry 3D Shooting


Challenges, cars and more

Drive Angry has climbed to the number one spot of my must-see list in 2011 for a number of reasons. Some are spoiler-y and you’ll hear about them on this site very, very soon. Other reasons include the reuniting of director Patrick Lussier and writer Todd Farmer, then there are the muscle cars and rampaging cult members, a combo that fires me up.

Anyway, Farmer has updated his blog, telling all from the Hollywood trenches once again. If you recall, he penned a blog entry that detailed his time in development on Dimension’s Halloween 3D (things still don’t sound hopeful, based on his latest chapter which reveals that he’s working on other projects now with Lussier). In “MAY I Please Drive Angry,” Farmer candidly and frankly talks about the principal photography process. Here’s a sample:

“One thing that both annoyed and fascinated us was that we didn’t have the time nor money to cheat. We couldn’t throw big money at the screen to cover up or distract the audience from our challenges. We had no choice but to THINK our way out of problems. It’s funny but all movies should start with a story. What saved us at every turn was focusing on story. Relying on story telling always bailed us out of any problem where the cats with big money and lots of time rely on big explosions and massive CGI fixes.”

He speckles the blog with pics and anecdotes about his favorite crew members like, for instance, the head of the film’s transportation department. “Nic was not completely thrilled with one of our cars. Didn’t like the look. Came back to us with a photo of the look he was attracted to. It was LATE in the game to make a switch. But. We showed Randy the pic. He said without the slightest hesitation. “I know where that car is. Five minutes from here”

There’s also an image from the editing room with Lussier. Look close and you’ll get a first glimpse of the film that stars Nicolas Cage, William Fichtner, David Morse and Amber Heard. Read the full blog entry here.

Summit opens the film on February 11, 2011. If you’re at Comic-Con, drop by Hall H on the morning of Friday, July 23 for a sneak peek of the film!

Source: Wendago