Exclusive Update: Kruger Returns to Scream Series


Writer of part 3 called in

Update 9:13am Pacific: Okay, here’s what a source close to the production called to tell me this morning. Yes, Ehren Kruger has been brought in to do a bit of polishing. But no, Williamson isn’t “out” by any means. As you know, he’s also working hard on the second season of Vampire Diaries for the CW. While he’s away fulfilling his commitments on that show, the production called upon Kruger to assist on the script. Some chatter about Lauren Graham’s departure has made it sound like she wasn’t thrilled with the sequel, however, it was another case of production scheduling and she’s off to work on Parenthood.

Zap2It is reporting that there is a new screenwriter tinkering around with Scream 4 – currently shooting in Michigan with Wes Craven at the helm.

According to them, the production has called back Ehren Kruger, the man who penned Scream 3, to work on the script. Furthermore, sources talking to Zap2It says that Hayden Panettiere’s role has been “dumbed down significantly” and series creator Kevin Williamson is out of the picture, calling into question the fate of Scream 5.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor