Update: Kruger Returns to Scream Script


Here’s why we don’t believe it


Take all of this as gossip for now, but Zap2It is reporting that there is a new screenwriter tinkering around with Scream 4 – currently shooting in Michigan with Wes Craven at the helm.

According to them, the production has called back Ehren Kruger, the man who penned Scream 3, to work on the script. Furthermore, sources talking to Zap2It says that Hayden Panettiere’s role has been “dumbed down significantly” and series creator Kevin Williamson is out of the picture, calling into question the fate of Scream 5.

Here’s what I don’t buy about this. When I spoke to Craven at the start of the Scream 4 rumors, he was very vocal about what didn’t work on Scream 3. And much of that had to do with the script and the indecision and the consistent script tinkering. It didn’t sound like a pleasant experience.

I can’t see Craven returning to or allowing that experience to happen again. Yes, I’ve heard rumblings that Williamson’s script was handed out to crew members at the last minute – minus the end – and that an air of secrecy has surrounded the whole story…but to revisit the debacle that was Scream 3? I can’t see anyone wanting to commit to that again.

Source: Zap2It