The Rotten Truth: The Facts in the Case of Neve Campbell’s Hair & Scream 4


Complaints taken to new levels

I can’t wrap my mind around this one and I’ll keep the rant brief…

This week, the first photo to find Neve Campbell on location in Ann Arbor, Michigan where she’s shooting Scream 4 came by way of Access Hollywood. Mind you, to learn that the studio would even allow this photo to post on a Twitter account of all things is surprising. When most media outlets are invited to a set, photos are a no-no. And this is usually the reason why: Here, Nancy O’Dell is captured with Scream star Neve Campbell in the make-up trailer of all places. Not on a physical set. Not as her character. But Campbell getting ready for her day. Pics like this and the reaction it received is the reason why studios frown on us press folk bringing still cameras to the set and why our reps love to have stuff “approved” by the talent all of the time before we can share it with you. But this is hardly the point of my rant.

I can’t believe horror fans are bickering over what could possibly be Campbell’s new look as Sidney Prescott in the Wes Craven-directed sequel.

Not just bickering, but being downright confrontational and juvenile about the matter as if their life depended on Sidney’s appearance. One comment that struck me as rather dramatic was “*phew* crisis averted” when its writer realized the hair in the picture might be final. Crisis averted? When a school of fish avoids a cloud of oil floating in the Gulf of Mexico…that’s a “crisis averted.” A questionable hair style on an actress heading into make-up on the set of sequel hardly has that level of gravity. Furthermore, since when did hair dictate the quality of the film? The script? The performance? Fan posturing has been taken to new heights.

Also, I find it ironic that the complaints of the late-’90s and early-’00s, when the Scream films and their clones were released, have shifted from how “pretty faces” were being cast in horror films to how those pretty faces should now look in horror. What happened?

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor