Monster Squad Remake Finds Writers


Platinum Dunes to produce

Mark and Brian Gunn have been tapped to write a remake of The Monster Squad for Paramount and Platinum Dunes. The duo were recently tasked to pen the upcoming Journey to the Center of the Earth sequel as well.

Brian is the brother of James Gunn (Slither) and was behind many of James’ “PG Porn” web shoots. Mark and Brian also have Mighty Mouse coming up.

The Monster Squad – a redo of Fred Dekker’s ’80s cult classic – was announced in March with Rob Cohen on board to produce. In April, producer Brad Fuller told us they were uncertain if the film would feature monsters we know or new monsters. “We’re definitely using the original film as a blueprint and love the fun parts of it. We have three or four different takes, some stick closely to the original – others are going to be a bit different. It’s about sitting down with Rob Cohen and the studio and figuring out which storyline we’re going to go with. But I can tell you all of the story lines, whereas Friday the 13th isn’t like the original, this will be close to the original. It’s about a group of kids who have a monster squad, monsters come to their town and they’ve got to figure it out.”

By hiring the Gunns, it appears some decisions have been made regarding the take.

Source: Heat Vision