Update: Head Ripping Mortal Kombat: Rebirth Film


Seven minutes of “cool,” but what is it?

Mortal Kombat is the last thing I want to see grace the screen again. Hell, the last time I watched the first film it was to watch the best part: the opening credits. But there has been talk of another film for years now. Thanks to Devin over at CHUD, we’ve got all eyes on the video below – something called Mortal Kombat: Rebirth which dives into the universe, with the assistance of Michael Jai White (The Dark Knight), and plays it very “real” and pretty “graphic.” It poses a terrific set up and you have to be quick with the pause button to get a glimpse of Sub-Zero.

So what is it? A fan film with an impressive budget? A promo from a production company looking for investors? No one can say, but it’s pretty f’in cool.

Update: RZA of Wu-Tang says, via his Twitter account, that the director of this project is Kevin Tancharoen who helmed last year’s Fame. Interesting…still, no one knows what the purpose of the film is.

Source: Devin at CHUD