The Latest on The Crow Reboot


Moving from the big city to…

By now, anything on The Crow reboot is becoming old hat with those involved repeatedly telling us that the script is either being tinkered with or is completed and that “casting will begin soon.”

Producer Ed Pressman pretty much says the same thing to MTV adding, “The setting is the southwest — the Mexico/Arizona area — and an urban [setting], Detroit or Pittsburgh or something like that. There are two locations that the film is set. Its initial platform is in the southwest and then it moves to the big city in the north, middle or eastern America, and then back.”

Director Stephen Norrington is out to a major actor now and the first casting announcement is on the horizon. He’s also working with Avatar production designer Rob Stromberg on the look, which Pressman says is different than Alex Proyas’ first film. Good, that’s what we expect.

At the end of the day, this sound merely like another Crow film than a “remake,” as many are calling it.

Source: MTV