Dark Castle Out of the Direct-to-DVD Biz?


Silver talks horror on the small screen

Between Return to House on Haunted Hill and The Hills Run Red, there was some rumbling that Dark Castle Entertainment was mulling over a few projects for the direct-to-DVD market, including a third Haunted Hill and a cheerleader/slasher film. None of those came to pass and for good reason as producer Joel Silver told us over the weekend.

“That business fell off a cliff, pretty much, particularly in the horror area,” he revealed. “That used to be a lucrative business and we had great success in our DVD releases of our horror releases. Gothika was huge, enormous business. But all of those DVDs, for our movies or direct-to-DVD releases…Orphan which did very well only did a fraction on DVD. If the business rises, we’ll think about it.”

Silver is presently shepherding Vincenzo Natali’s Splice, a Dark Castle acquisition, to the big screen on June 4.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor