Update: Final Destination 5 Has a Writer


Hessier got the job with what two words?

Update: Hessier had this to say about taking the gig via his Twitter account: “And yes, I got the job with two words: LASIK surgery.”

In addition to these projects, Eric Heisserer, who wrote Universal’s upcoming The Thing prequel, is penning New Line/Warner Bros.’ Final Destination 5.

Heat Vision says that “the plot for the latest installment is being kept under wraps, though one scene involves a character undergoing laser-eye surgery.”

The studio is reportedly putting together a list of directors for the project, which would be shot in 3D for a release next year. Craig Perry will again produce.

Heisserer also wrote the greenlight draft of New Line/Warner Bros.’ upcoming A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Source: THR